Monday, January 3, 2011

Morning pancakes and toothbrush shopping....

Anyway, enough about the Packers, I have to go to Walmart and buy my 5 year old a new toothbrush.  We all have those nice...push a button and the whole toothbrush does backflips, sings songs, scrubs your teeth, and does your chores...hey..a woman can dream can't she???

Well this morning I was woken up at 6:45 AM....remember I am NOT a morning person. 4 days a week you will find me awake at 6:45 behind a desk typing....and that is because I am STILL AT WORK!  Randy (darling, darling husband) knows if anyone wakes me up before 7, there is hell to pay. So what does he do...he sends Reilly down begging me to wake up and make pancakes with him.  Ahhh how cute huh...few problems:
1-Randy makes the pancakes in the house.
2-We have no chocolate to put in the pancakes.
3-We have no eggs to make pancakes.
4-I'm not even sure we have syrup to go with the pancakes.
5-I don't eat plain pancakes.

Well I walk upstairs and the boys already know not to look at me directly, because I might turn them into stone...something about my hair...reminds them of Medusa maybe...or that evil look that I make when my eyes are still glued shut.  Either way, Randy greeted me with a "Good Morning Honey" that I swear turned me into a diabetic because it was LOADED with sugary sweetness!  Which of course I growled and gave him the look that said, "you know it is before 7am. You know how tired I am. You know I am going to kill you slowly and enjoy every second of it. Just wait until the boys are on the school bus...then watch out!".  Yeah you know that look.

Well we found the pancake mix (which wasn't too hard, since our cupboards are pretty empty right now), and realized that we didn't need eggs for them...great #3 is done.  We found some chocolate covered raisins to put in the pancakes, since Easton and Orion wouldn't eat them because....eww..they are raisins...and raisins are healthy!  Great #2 is done.  I remember I had a bottle of syrup in the cupboard, but it said LIGHT on it...I don't remember 2lbs every feeling LIGHT before.  But hey, that covered #4.

While making the pancakes Randy made sure to stay VERY far away in the livingroom because he knew I would not be awake for another 4 hours...and that was a safe distance. The boys thought they were good, except for the raisin part (which I made them eat), and the syrup part (that they say tasted funny and asked for some extra sugar on theirs...I said no). They didn't turn out bad....I had a small one, then a piece of last nights pizza :D

After pancakes they went to brush their teeth (wow, my boys do remember that sometimes), and that is when I heard the following:
Randy: Honey, can you come out here and have a talk with your YOUNGEST.
Me: (oh boy, that doesn't sound good when Randy refers to Noah as MY youngest) What happened (directed toward Randy), What did you do (directed towards Noah).
Randy: He was cleaning the toilet.
Me: (really confused, thinking what a great kid I have to be cleaning the toilet before school) Um, ok so what is the problem.
Randy: Ask him what he was using to clean the toilet?
Me: Noah want did you use? (looking at his hands and wondering what else he has touched with them).
Noah: My toothbrush.
Me: Wait, what? Did you say your toothbrush (still wondering if he knew what tooth brush was his and if he put it back with the other ones in the tooth brush holder when he was done....stomache is turning at this point).
Noah: (smiling) Yep.
Me: What tooth brush is yours?
Noah: (looking very confused)  Ummm...The blue Deigo one.
Me: (still worried where it was now)..Oh ok, thank you for cleaning the toilet, next time please don't your your toothbrush that is gross....(walking away thinking that this is the reason why I don't wake up until after 7am).

Randy explained to me later that Noah was spitting his toothpaste into the toilet (because he is still little, it is easier for him to do that), and got it on the seat.  So instead of using toilet paper, he used his toothbrush to clean it where am I going today....Walmart to get a new toothbrush....wonderful....

How much do you want to bet, by the time I leave walmart, I would have spent at LEAST $50 and still come home without the toothbrush, but with at least one Pokemon container?  Huh...any takers....nope I didn't think so...

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