Saturday, January 1, 2011

Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate. ~Author Unknown

This is the time of year when we sit down and think of all the things we want to change about our lives for next year. The time when we write down our top 10 ideas that if we changed our life would be better. If I were to make a list like that, it would look something like this:

10-Have the electricty company forget I exist and stop asking me to pay them (but keep my electricity on).
9-Have my landlord convinced I bought the place and don't owe him any more money.
8-Strike a deal with AT&T that my cell phone bill should be free as long as I promise to promote them to all my friends (doesn't matter if they sign up or not).
7-Convince the cable company that giving me free cable and internet would look good for their company.
6-Have a talk with ANY car company about driving around their newest vehicle (no need to worry about gas....see #4) to make the other people so jealous, that they want to buy the same one.
5-Talking to Pepsi about changing all their labels to say that their REGULAR Pepsi is calorie free, so I won't feel so guilty drinking a 2 liter bottle every day.
4-Become sponsered by any gas station with a promise to put a sign on my vehicle that helps promote return for free unlimited gas.
3-Become a food taster, and have access to any restaurant at any time to try their new dishes.
2-Talk to Donald Trump about giving me a credit card with a $1000 a month limit for life. Enough to buy the little things I need, but not so much to make it look like I am needy!
1-Move to Hershey, PA and work for the chocolate factory. It would be a GREAT idea for them, since they wouldn't have to pay me in money, they could just pay me in Chocolate due to reasons 2-10).

But of COURSE, those won't be able to happen for at least a few more years (if I play my cards right....granted my cards are Pokemon cards...not sure if that helps speed things up or not). So instead, I made a more realistic list for the new year. Plus this list will be easier to cross off, after I lost the motivation to keep going on I know me....I remember the past years....hell, I remember the past few weeks :D

These ones will NOT be in any order, but I might just order them once I cross them off....LOL

*Walk at least 4000 steps every day the first week of January, then 5000 every day, for the second week, 6000 the third week, etc...etc...etc...until the week of Valentines day....I should be up to 10,000 steps a day, which will be the goal every day for the year. Granted this doesn't sound hard...but I can see this one being the first to fail. I do have a step counter....actually 3 of we have two Pokemon step counters that I could use....I guess the more steps you walk, the more Pokemon you collect? Not sure, but it gets Orion and Easton out running up and down the road!

*Cut back on the caffiene. Notice I say cut back, not eliminate. I don't drink coffee, but I LOVE my Pepsi. I will limit myself to 4 cans a week (one for each night I work). And I did say CANS not it too late to go back and change that?

*Work on the Wii Fit 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week. This shouldn't be too hard....but life seems to get in the way...ok, not so much life...but the other wonderful Wii games we have that don't involve sticking your foot behind your head or running after some "trainer" that you aren't allowed to catch up to.

*Paint at least one new picture a week. I get in my moods that I will paint 3 new pictures in a week, then not touch a brush for 3 months.  I would like to start building up my paintings, so that by Christmas next year I don't have to rush and try to get them done. Also it would give me a chance to do more "made to order" pictures.

*Do ONE load of laundry a day. With a family of 6, we need to do it at LEAST that much, but we have a LOT of "back" laundry to get caught up on. Notice how I didn't say fold and put away the laundry...just wash and dry at our house. Then in goes into a large pile on the "folding table", where the boys sort through it and put away their own clothes....half of which end up on the floor and being rewashed without ever being worn.  Ok not half....maybe 80%.

*Read for 30 minutes EVERY day. I would love to just sit back and read a book...problem is, when I start a new book, I will read it until it is done....sometimes I will go to sleep, sometimes not...I loose track of time and forget all about everything else I need to do.

This last one....I hope I am able to stick with. Even if I fail for a few days/weeks, I am hopeful that I can get back on track:
*Sit down with each boy for at least 10 minutes a day to talk or do what they want. I know that doesn't sound like a lot. I would love to sit down for an hour with each kid EVERY day, but that isn't possible. Some days I know will be longer, some days will be shorter. But I want to be able to remind all 4 of them that I love them, and I will always be there for them, and if they want to spend more quality time they know I will be downstairs doing laundry. If they want to talk, they can help me fold :D!  HEY, now I know where I can get my 30 minutes of reading time in...they will never bother me in the basement if they think I am doing laundry! Score one for the mom!

Now to get started on the walking....where is that Pokemon walker...wonder if i can walk and try to battle at the same time...

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