Monday, January 3, 2011

The Packers are in the Playoffs.....

First of all....WAY TO GO PACKERS! The good thing about this, is that I am a Packer Fan. I live in Green Bay, so it is a requirement. We do allow Bear, and Viking fans in....but only a limited amount.  The cool thing about yesterdays game....Reilly got to go see it with his father and his father's brothers. This was his first game and he was so excited!  Easton went to his first game the day after Christmas and LOVED it...he is a HUGE fan. 

Both of these games were last minute, getting a phone call at 1pm for a 3pm game asking if they could go, kind of thing. Odd considering:
A-The price of the tickets are around $120 a piece...usually
B-The Packers have a waiting list for season tickets that I believe is around 80+ years. I believe Easton is #12,572 and we signed him up the day after he was born....10 years ago. And normal tickets are hard to find.
C-It is December/January in WISCONSIN...Jack Frost is NOT nipping at your nose....he brought all 253 of his family members to do some serious damage on any part of your body that isn't covered in at LEAST 8 layers.  (Granted for some reason, both of these games were very warm out.  Easton I believe the temp there was around 30, and Reilly had around 30 degrees too. Remember, we live in WISCONSIN, this time of the year we are praying we reach single the negatives...and that is warm for us!)
D-We didn't have to pay for either of them. My brother had an extra ticket to the game and took Easton.  My xhusband (Jehrad) had an extra ticket yesterday and took Reilly...YEAH for them.

The only bad thing about the Packers winning, is that next another game. That means my facebook page is going to be COVERED in every little update that Packers do...Boo: did you see that...Rodgers blinked...he must be tired...pull him now before he falls asleep out there!  Gary: hey #32 just kicked the ground...that isn't fair...he is wrecking the field, where is the penalty flag! Leah: I wonder what kind of laundry soap they use to clean their uniforms...because that guy has more grass than dirt stains....  Yeah this is the stuff that pops up...and I did change the names to protect the accused!

Now I just have to remember to unlink my cellphone and facebook on game day. Getting an annoying beep and text message every 3.29 seconds really sucks!

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